Introducing Myoptions

on 14th August 2019

Mydentist launches a new system as a means of bridging the gap between NHS care and private treatments


One of the UK’s largest network of dental practices, Mydentist, has launched a new, affordable approach to private dentistry aimed at transforming how people access private dental care.

Myoptions has been developed to bridge the gap between NHS care and expensive private treatments, which gives patients the care they need and dentists the type of career they want.

Following in-depth patient research and pilots in 20 practices across the UK, Myoptions will provide a fully comprehensive set of private treatments to patients, at a price families across the UK can afford.

More than half of all NHS dental practices are closed to new patients, while the high-cost of private treatment is out of reach for many. Myoptions will provide another choice with fast access to dental care at a lower price point than traditional private dentistry, with adult check-ups priced at £32, around 33% lower than other private providers.

However, Myoptions will provide patients with the choice of more than just essential dentistry, with a comprehensive list of cosmetic dental treatments also included.

Drawing on the size of Mydentist’s network and relationships with key suppliers, Myoptions will be able to offer treatments, such as whitening and clear aligner teeth straightening, at a lower price and with access to financing, allowing patients to take advantage of low monthly payment plans.

Patients will also benefit from more flexible appointments and greater convenience of time slots, including early mornings, evenings and weekends, where possible.

Better balance

For dentists, the aim is that Myoptions will allow them to find a better balance between NHS and private work, allowing them to meet existing obligations, while exploring new opportunities with a wider patient base. They will receive a fair, fee-per-item remuneration model, extensive clinical and marketing support, opportunities for career growth including private mentorship, and reassurance of fixed pricing for straightforward conversations with patients.

Nyree Whitley, clinical director at Myoptions, said: ‘Developing a genuinely affordable approach to private dentistry is solving two problems that are critical for the future of dentistry: it is allowing dentists to grow the careers that are right for them, while ensuring more patients than ever before get access to the affordable care they need. 

‘Through Myoptions we can develop new opportunities for our clinicians and support them in starting or growing a reputation in private dentistry. We will be driving patient awareness through in-practice, online, broadcast, print and social media to deliver a greater number of patients seeking all kinds of treatment.

‘For the large, and growing, number of people finding it difficult to access dentistry we can give the choice of going private, but at a price they can afford. We can also address the needs of those who would like to explore cosmetic dentistry options, but for whom price has previously been prohibitive. 

‘So far, Myoptions has been incredibly well-received by both patients and clinicians and we are accelerating the roll-out to make it available to all patients in every part of the country.’

In conjunction with the launch of Myoptions, Mydentist is also in the process of launching a competitive, low-interest finance offer for patients. Under the new finance agreement with V12 Retail Limited, patients will be able to access treatments, including short-term orthodontics and full smile makeovers, from £49.97 per month. 


Mydentist is recruiting clinicians across the UK.
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