Championing CSR in implant dentistry

on 6th August 2019

Mark Topley, Colin Campbell and Hayley Fox discuss the importance of corporate social responsibility for patients, the team and the business


Mark: What does corporate social responsibility (CSR) mean to you?

Colin: As a practice, for some years we have set aside 1% of our turnover for what we call Social Legacy Projects. For us, the ‘why?’ was that we feel so lucky to be in our business. We made a great team and we felt as a group that we were very privileged, so we wanted to give something back.

We felt a real responsibility for the wider community, and we wanted to feel part of it. The CSR project was always a way to try to pay back into that, pay forward little bit, as well and cement our place in our local community.

Mark: How did you get started with CSR?

Hayley: Colin had always envisaged donating to causes through his practice. It’s developed over the years, from choosing specific and personal charities, to charity committees and team involvement in fundraising. 

Mark: What CSR projects have you got going on at the moment? 

Hayley: We run an activity every quarter to fundraise for our chosen charity. The latest fundraising activity was a sponsored run. Our research coordinator, Kath Hare, ran 100km throughout March and raised an amazing £275. 

Mark: How do you share your CSR successes with others?

Hayley: We share our success via social and printed media. We think it’s important to keep our patients, staff and colleagues aware of what we get up to, to communicate what the team at the Campbell Clinic believes in, and to encourage others to do the same. 

Mark:  What do your patients think about it?

Colin: We started this from a perspective of gratitude, but there have been some very positive internal benefits for us. They’re not why we do it, but they’re there, nonetheless. The whole thing brings the team together and adds some strength to the cultural glue that every business needs if it’s going to get the job done well and get through the tough spots we all face. It’s been good for our standing in the community, and we hope it makes it clear to colleagues that we stand for something more than the dentistry part – that’s important.

Mark: What has been the professional and personal impact on team members of being ‘loud and proud’ about their achievements?

Hayley: As our charity committee has developed and fundraising activities are underway, more of our colleagues have brought ideas to the table and want to get involved. Not only is it great that we fundraise and gain awareness to charitable causes, it also brings the team together and builds our working relationships within the clinic. Overall, it’s had an amazing impact on the team. 

Mark: What do you think of the #beproud campaign urging dental professionals to share news of their achievements?

Hayley: The more we do for others, the better, and the #beproud campaign is an amazing way to show what can be done and will hopefully encourage others to get involved. 

Mark: What would you say to dental teams that are feeling shy about 

sharing their CSR success?

Hayley: It’s definitely a personal preference, but, at the Campbell Clinic, we believe there is nothing bad that can come from sharing. To share not only encourages others, it also shows the pride we feel when we can help. Everyone can benefit from a little help. Why not share that?

Mark: What has been the business impact of CSR for your practice?

Hayley: The day-to-day running of the business during our fundraising activities brings much more interaction within the team and with our patients. It’s easy to spread the joy and happiness when doing something amazing, and helping and encouraging others to do the same. 

Mark: What added benefits have you experienced as a result of CSR certification?

Hayley: When applying for our gold certification from Dental CSR, we came across simple yet powerful changes to make, not only to help others, but also to help ourselves and the environment. This was a huge added benefit in so many ways. It’s great to know we’re making a difference. 

Colin: Yes, that’s been great. When Dental CSR certification came about in the spring, it was a natural step for us to get certified. As well as what Hayley said, whether you like them or not, certificates show people who aren’t as close to your business you’ve done something that has been recognised by an authority on the subject. 

Whether that’s dental phobia, additional qualifications or whatever, it’s an easy way to show you have reached a standard. And for us, we’d reached that standard, so why not make it easy for people to see and understand how our values played out with CSR?

Mark: What is next for the practice in relation to CSR?

Hayley: We want to continue supporting our chosen charities and help smaller causes locally every month. By donating little and often we can make a difference to so many different causes, and fundraise for those that hold a special place in our hearts. We want to continue to make a difference and support others. 


Mark Topley is the founder of Dental CSR, a company dedicated to providing certification that recognises the fantastic work countless dental practices across the UK do to care for their patients, the environment and their communities.

The Campbell Clinic is a private dental practice that specialises in implant dentistry, run by Colin Campbell, owner and clinical director. Hayley Fox is the chair of the Campbell Clinic Charity Committee. At the heart of the Campbell Clinic is a drive to make a positive difference in people’s lives, not only for patients, but also in the wider community through CSR.

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