Embracing implant dentistry at the BWSID Conference

on 1st August 2019

The British Women’s Society of Implant Dentistry held the first female implant conference, which was considered a resounding success


There was standing room only at the first Women’s Implant Dentistry Conference, held by the not-for-profit British Women’s Society of Implant Dentistry (BWSID) at the Dawood and Tanner Academy training centre in London.

Saturday 8 June was hailed a huge success, and was a day designed for those wishing to learn more and enhance the scope of their practice. Welcoming dentists from around the UK, it was a full house, with a packed programme of influential speakers, field leaders and lunchtime speed workshops; all encouraging conversation and discussion at the networking breaks, and earning a huge amount of CPD. 

Many of the delegates were enthused and feedback was remarkable, with comments such as ‘the best dental conference they had attended in a long time’, ‘loved the attention-grabbing lecture programme’, ‘gained new tips and ideas to reflect on’ and ‘great workshops’. 

Lectures were delivered by industry leaders, including Dr Verena Toedtling, Dr Susan N’Jie, Dr Catherine Drysdale, Mrs Jane Clarke, Dr Jackie Brown, Ms Natalie Allison, Dr Linda Greenwall, Dr Susan Tanner and Dr Fiona MacKillop – all female role models – and one male speaker, Dr Shanon Patel. It was the first time more than 85% of the clinicians attending an implant conference were female.

During the lunch break, delegates took part in a hands-on restorative component workshop, led by Nobel Biocare, and a cone beam computed tomography software workshop with Cavendish Imaging, led by Dr Andrew Dawood. Compliments were heard about the delicious (and healthy) food, and delegates used the opportunity to share knowledge with colleagues and meet the speakers in a relaxed environment. 


The BWSID was founded in 2014 by Dr Tanner and Dr MacKillop to inspire, encourage, empower and support female clinicians in dental implant restoration. During the time both have been active on the implant lecture circuit they have recognised how few female dentists are invited to lecture, and how poor the proportion of females attending implant conferences is. 

With a group of enthusiastic clinicians, the formula of meeting five to six evenings a year to learn about restoration of dental implants – non-implant system specific – has proved to be a resounding success. Dr Tanner and Dr MacKillop act as opinion leaders across the UK, encouraging experienced female clinicians to start up and lead local groups. 

The BDA announced by 2020 more than 50% of all dentists in the UK are predicted to be women; however, only a minority will become active in implant dentistry. 


The BWSID is set to grow across the UK. If you are interested in becoming a member, leading a local group or attending an event, email Caroline Carey via admin@bwsid.co.uk.

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