Implanting knowledge: the Implant Dentistry Show

on 23rd April 2019

By the way that the Implant Dentistry Show blazed into London earlier this year, it would be easy to think that this was an event in its maturity – rather than the first of its kind. 

Around 500 dentists, each with a burning desire to expand their implant knowledge and networks, descended on the Novotel London West hotel on 26 January for an event that spells great things for the future.  

It wasn’t all about the speakers – nor was it only about the exhibition. Rather, it was the blend of the two that helped give the day such a unique flavour, blending practical information with genuinely valuable face-to-face time with companies and peers. 

If anything, it felt like a genuine coming-together of the implant community in London. 

Packed audiences 

Of course, a roster of speakers that boasted some of the country’s finest minds didn’t hurt. 

Delegates were literally queuing out of the door when Eddie Scher opened the day. Not content with hosting the event in his capacity as editor-in-chief of Implant Dentistry Today, he also brought his confident lecturing style to bear on proceedings, delivering an assured discussion on handling complications. 

‘An explanation before is a diagnosis,’ he told the standing room only crowd. ‘But an explanation after is a complication.’ 

Abid Faqir followed suit, delivering his own lecture to a packed-out audience that hung on his every word. 

The ADI president discussed his approach to immediate placement and loading, stressing the need for patients as well as clinicians to fully understand the implications of implant therapy. 

‘It’s essential that we understand the key to delivering predictable treatment,’ he said. ‘But it’s equally really important that our patients understand their treatment too.’ 

This calm, honest tone set by the early lecturers continued as the day wore on and yet more people filed into the London Novotel West to see radiologist Zahra Haiderali take her turn at the podium. 

Arguing the value of comprehensive imaging, she explained: ‘You have to remember that an OPG is a two-dimensional depiction of a three-dimensional structure, so it doesn’t always have the level of detail that you need.’ 

Prosthodontist Eoin O’Sullivan, up next, agreed with the importance of proper visualisation.  

‘We’re in the middle of a digital revolution in every aspect of our lives,’ he said. ‘And dentistry is going through the same whether we like it or not. 

‘The one thing I need in my practice is predictability. I need things that work – and the digital pathway can help with that.’ 

Finding a rhythm 

The day quickly settled into a rhythm of short lectures and short breaks, resulting in busy exhibition stands and coffee breaks that buzzed with discussion and debate.  

More and more people arrived as the day went on. By the time the powerhouse trio of final lecturers were ready to speak, the auditorium seating had been expanded multiple times to fit in the hundreds of dentists in attendance.

Andrew Dawood gave his learned and unique take on the digital workflow, discussing materials, techniques, and the staggering potential of technology. 

Professor Nikos Donos, arguably the UK’s preeminent authority on peri-implant disease, brought things back to the body with an evidence focused session on implant maintenance. 

‘Too often we have the notion that when we place implants, they will last forever in the mouths of our patients,’ he cautioned. 

‘But I think it’s important that we define what a healthy implant looks like. Patients must be educated that implants need the same amount of maintenance as natural teeth. There is no excuse for us not being able to communicate what peri-implantitis is.’ 

The day’s final speaker, Martin Wanendeya, provided a perfect foil to the important theory offered by Professor Donos. His lecture focused squarely on ‘practical tool and tips that you can use every day in practice’ – a fitting conclusion to a day that was all about practicality.  

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