Crystal clear image quality for accurate diagnosis

on 6th August 2018

Clinicians looking for the best possible image quality to help them accurately diagnose and treat complex cases can now benefit from the latest technology from Morita. 

According to Rob Pounds, managing director of The Dental Imaging Company: ‘The award-winning Veraview X800 is the next generation of CBCT 3D scanners, offering higher resolution 3D imaging than any other CBCT device currently on the market.’ 

The Veraview X800 has been designed from the ground up and many of the fundamental concepts and design principles found in the Morita flagship, Accuitomo, are integral features. These attributes have been incorporated to offer the high specification system at an investment to suit the private practitioner.

Quality and flexibility

The Morita Veraview X800 is the first CBCT machine in the world to surpass the image quality of the Accuitomo, with a guaranteed 2.5lp/mm resolution (at 10% MTF) in high resolution mode, without compromising either panoramic or CBCT functions. 

A key feature is the ability to adjust the X-ray beam from an inclined angle for panoramic imaging to a horizontal beam option for CBCT imaging, minimising artefacts and distortion. 

Rob explains: ‘The real benefit of a CBCT system is experienced with those cases that are hard to image accurately, difficult to treat, and where critical details matter. That is where the Veraview X800 excels.’

Gold standard

The Veraview’s inspiration, the Morita Accuitomo, is widely acknowledged by leading radiologists around the world as the ‘gold standard’ for cone beam CT imaging. The Accuitomo is found in more dental teaching hospitals in the UK than any other CBCT system.

Morita CBCT scanners are built in Japan by the J Morita Manufacturing Corporation and distributed in the UK and Ireland by The Dental Imaging Company.  


To find out more about the Morita Veraview X800, call 0845 338 3380 or email

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