The future of implant dentistry: available now

on 30th July 2018

State-of-the-art technology  now available to implant dentists in the shape of Navident 

Navident is an affordable and easy-to-use system that provides real-time guidance for increased accuracy within 0.5mm of the treatment plan (in internal bench tests under a range of operating conditions, Navident demonstrated an average error of just 0.4mm).

According to Dr David Burgess of Carbis Bay Dental Care, Cornwall: ‘What makes Navident stand out is it precisely guides the surgeon to prepare and place the implant in the pre-determined position’. 

Removing uncertainty

Navident takes away the uncertainty that exists once you start to drill, following conventional protocols. 

What’s more, no physical guide is used, so there is no loss of tactile feedback. 

Preparation is carried out completely freehand, using CBCT data as your virtual guide. The system offers better visibility and accessibility, and plans can be modified at any time, even during treatment. 

It is compatible with any implant type, drill system, and all known dental CBCT devices currently on the market. 

The latest protocol, Navident 2.0, includes ‘trace and place’, which allows the clinician to plan surgery using a diagnostic scan. The patient’s existing teeth are traced to align with the scan and the implant site is prepared freehand, without the need for additional imaging. 

Trace and place requires no adjustment to the clinician’s workflow before the point of treatment and significantly streamlines the entire implant placement process.

Learn more

Dentists who are interested in finding out more can attend a one-day introduction to dynamic navigation course. Dr Scott Brown of Meneage Dental in Cornwall enthused: ‘I was truly amazed by the accuracy that could be achieved using dynamic navigation. I can see this becoming the standard of care for implant planning and placement.’

Navident is manufactured by Claronav in Canada and distributed by The Dental Imaging Company in both the UK and Ireland.  


Implant dentists in the UK and Ireland who want to experience first-hand the benefits of dynamic navigation can call 0845 602 4944 or email to arrange a live demonstration.

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